Fancy Fold Index

As I upload the instructions for my fancy fold cards in the Sunday Scoring series, I thought it might be useful for my followers to have single page with the list of folds and link directly you the page.  It will take a little while, but hopefully you will find this a helpful resource. If there is a fancy fold you would like to see, please let me know and I’ll do my best to add. I have a list of over 60 so far!  All you need to do is click on the description of the fold and it will take you direct to the page.

I have just started adding a thumbnail to illustrate the cards…. hope you find it useful as a pictorial guide 🙂


watermarked2017-01-08-1310 Accordian front card   Asymmetric_fold_card_by stampin up uk demonstrator Heidi Smith FlutterbyheidiAsymmetric Card


Bendi Fold Bendi Card   Block_card Block Card   Book fold inside viewBook fold    Book fold (modified)   box card botanical bloomsBox Card


Centre step cardCentre Step Card   Concertina cardConcertina Card   watermarked12017-01-08-1311Concertina front card   Corner aperture card Friendly wishes fancy fold stampin up ukCorner Aperture Card

Criss Cross CardCriss Cross Card (single sheet)


Decorative corner fold  Diorama Card    Diamond Front Squash Card

Double diamond fold card by stampin up uk demonstrator Heidi Smith flutterbyheidiDouble Diamond   Large double diamond by Heidi Smith FlutterbyheidiDouble Diamond large   double_front_medallion card Stampin up uk demonstrator Heidi Smith FlutterbyheidiDouble Front   double ended double slider card stampin up ukDouble slider  Double Tent fold

Double twisted easelDouble Twisted Easel   Double Z Fold from single sheet by Heidi smith Flutterbyheidi


Easel box card Stampin up up demonstrator Heidi smith flutterbyheidiEasel Box Card    Envelope Card


  Fan Fold Card  Fold flat centre step card frontFold Flat centre step   Four Way fold Pootlers Desihn team friendly wishes 3 stampin up ukFourway Fold

Freestanding pop up card by Heidi Smith Flutterbyheidi STampin up uk demonstratorFreestanding pop up card  


  Foldback Gatefold

  Fold flat Card


Modified Gatefold    Gatefold shutter cardGatefold shutter card



Joy_Fold_closedJoy Fold   Joy Fold (Square)



Cookie cutter triple easel Stampin up uk demonstrator Heidi Smith FlutterbyheidiLayered Triple Easel

  Landscape fold back card

Sunday scoring latch fold card by Stampin up uk demonstrator Heidi Smith FlutterbyheidiLatch fold


Napkin fold card open by Heidi Smith Flutterbyheidi Stampin up uk demonstratoNapkin fold   neverending card 4Neverending Card



Pop_out_swing_cardPop out swing card   Sunday Scoring Pop up book card 2Pop up Book Fold   Pop up label card by Heidi Smith Flutterbyheidi Stampin up uk demonstratorPop Up Label Card    teepee_pyramid_card_stampin_up_uk_demonstrator_flutterbyheidi_heidi_smithPyramid Card   

  Pop out inner


Quarter fold card stampin up ukQuarter fold card



Sunday Scoring Fancy fold ribbon slider card by Stampin up UK Demonstrator Heidi Smith FlutterbyheidiRibbon slider 

 Reverse Gatefold  



Screen cardScreen card   Shadow_box_cardShadow box card   Shadow box card by Heidi Smith Flutterbyheidi Stampin Up uk demonstratorShadow frame box card  shutter_card_swapShutter card

Mini_stepper_cardSide Stepper   Slider pop up card   Bookmark Tag slider cardBookmark Slider Card   Pop up slider card by heidi Smith Flutterbyheidi Stampin Up U.K. DemonstratorSlider pop up card (landscape)

Spring_fold_cardSpring Fold   springy thingy card open by stampin up demonstrator Heidi Smith flutterbyheidiSpringy Thingy Card   Sujnday Scoring Stair Step card by Heidi Smith Flutterbyheidi Stampin up Uk DemonstratorStair Step   Star fold card Stampin up uk demonstrator Heidi Smith Flutterbyheidi Best BirdsStar Fold


Tag topper punch closure card Stampin up uk demonstrator Heidi Smith FlutterbyheidiTag Topper Punch Closure   teepee_pyramid_card_stampin_up_uk_demonstrator_flutterbyheidi_heidi_smithTeepee Card   Telescoping circle card openTelescoping Circle Card   Telescoping diamond card stampin up ukTelescoping diamond Card   Trapeze Card

Triangle_corner_foldTriangle Corner Fold  Triangle_tri_fold_openTriangle tri fold   Cookie cutter triple easel Stampin up uk demonstrator Heidi Smith FlutterbyheidiTriple Easel (layered)   Twisted EaselTwisted Easel

Landscape tunnel card by Heidi Smith Flutterbyheidi. Stampin Up U.K. DemonstratorTunnel Card (Landscape)

  Triple Twisted Easel


Upright diamond fold cardUpright Diamond Fold


Washing Line Card  Waterfall Card